Learn, learn, learn …


Learning. Education. Progress. Growth. Does it ring the bell? When is the education finished? Can you even finish it? I mean unofficially … officially you can end the education while having just the basic school … but you will educate yourself even further. Everyone has this option. Construction worker, consultant, manager. But are we doing it?

If not, it a huge missed chance. Self education brings you the growth. Do you want a better job? Higher salary? What you can offer? Anything that make you better than the others? Can you offer the courses you’ve been through? Another language that you’ve learn (even on the basic level)? Or just a wider overall overview? Anything from the stuff I’ve mentioned brings you the competitive advantage. You don’t need to be applying for the manager’s position. You can use it anywhere. There’s always a way how to sell yourself better. There is always a way forward.

If I’m looking around, for example in the companies I work for, people are usually lazy. Yes, I understand that being lazy is easy. That educating yourself is an additional effort that will limit you free time. If you are arguing like this, well .. then don’t do it. Don’t learn anything new. Don’t be interested in anything. Just go home, sit on your couch ad watch TV. Drink out of your skull during your free time. I don’t care. But then don’t complain that someone has a better job than you or more money or a car. That you don’t get payrise even if you are in the company for 10 years.

From my experience, if I tell someone even approximately how much do I earn, I usually get responses like that I’m a bosses pet, that I’ve been begging for it and others. Very few people can see that’s the result of years of self education. That I’ve started almost with nothing and got better throughout the time. That I’ve been learning new things every day, just to be prepared for the next task. That I’m learning new stuff in my free time, even not the technical one but helping me to have wider overall overview. That my education haven’t stopped at the time when I’ve left the school. What do I want to say?

Educate yourself. Teach yourself. Everything will help you in your career or in your life. Education should never stop. Even when you are eighty years old… you can learn new things. Invest your education – it’s the best investment that you can do.

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